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Applied Artist's In Residence House: 920 E. Euclid. Party for a Great Cause As you should know, the house at the American Riad 920 E. Euclid is being rehabbed to accommodate visiting women artisan from around the Earth.   We need to raise some money, so that we can make the space truly special and express ourselves without compromise.   … Read more →

The Rules: Part1 The Gov’ment

C. SOCIAL CLUBS – IRC 501(c)(7) by Jim Langley and Conrad Rosenberg 1. IntroductionSocial clubs are exempt from federal income tax under IRC 501(a) asorganizations described in IRC 501(c)(7) if they are “organized for pleasure,recreation, and other nonprofitable purposes.” They were originally grantedexemption from federal income tax in the Revenue Act of 1916. Generally, socialclubs are membership organizations primarily supported… Read more →

the subspace social club of Detroit, Michigan

Subs'space:  the invitation only Sapio-Sexual Afro Futurist Mommy Porn community behind ShinyThings. Look! All great sex can\’t always be from thosepeepholezovader group\’s point of view. Way we see it, their are almost nine billion universes moving around on this planet. This place of planned concrescence,  I hope to be just one of many mutual happy places in our intersecting realities. And to some… Read more →

Writers & Product Reviewers Wanted

4 Ways to Get Paid 1. Get Glitter for Reviews. ShinyThings has a User Submitted Blog just for your product and event reviews. Help us build the community you want to spend your time and energy in. Share your thoughts. Readers that like your content will reward you with Glitter. Editors that read and like your reviews can promote your… Read more →

Get Glitter

Writers, Researchers and Reviewers WANTED Find Out More About Us Get paid to help us build the new ShinyThings  Read More Glitter: Turning compliments in to coin A wise woman said,  \”If you\’ve ever jacked off… …to pictures of me on the web… …You Owe Me a Gift!\” Now, someone needs to find out who that woman is. And then set… Read more →

Sapio-Sexuals are real

No Bitch! Imma Unicorn!Is that alright?While, I think that it's cute That there’s a hip little nerdy trend circling around what we socially awkward people who Don’t give a fuck about fashion, who Don’t give a fuck about sports, who Don’t give a fuck about who’s fuckin’ who in the rumor mill, who Don’t give a fuck about politics or… Read more →

That shit’s so hot!

I ain’t even gonna botherFinish writing this post CHEK OUT OUR MEMBERSHIP Cras ac nibh tellus. Nam sed efficitur elit. Sed lobortis dui sed odio scelerisque luctus vel et ipsum. Suspendisse imperdiet, odio vel aliquam suscipit, tortor eros placerat est, vel semper orci felis quis nisl. Donec volutpat consectetur molestie. $155 / month 1 Mister Bubbles Favorites on Pornhub visit… Read more →

My Critique thus far

It ain’t Shuri’s lab! My Shuri. Is real. Check her out! Mae is the real deal.   Plain and simple! My Afrotopian Future has never been Neo-Primitive. Let’s not get into that argument. Okay. Most of us have seen the movie now. Let’s just say, my imagined nation has always been elevated, mystic, spiritually informed and technologically advanced, without… Read more →

Cuddle Buddy Application

Cuddling is one of my favorite kinks. “Cuddling after sex for at least 15 minutes has lots of positive effects on your body & relationship. We are natural-born cuddlers. From the moment we’re placed in our mother’s arms and realize that snuggled up all warm and cozy next to someone we love is the most perfect place one can be, we’re basically… Read more →

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