Writers & Product Reviewers Wanted

4 Ways to Get Paid

1. Get Glitter for Reviews.

ShinyThings has a User Submitted Blog just for your product and event reviews.

Help us build the community you want to spend your time and energy in.

Share your thoughts. Readers that like your content will reward you with Glitter.

Editors that read and like your reviews can promote your stories to featured articles. 

When your stories are featured, Contributors will see a Glitter announcement in their profile  

Sell Shiny Things

2. Open your own branded boutique.

Sell ShinyThings that you make. We charge only 5% commission.

(Just so we can keep the spot open)

Earn up to 50% commission for items in your shop's display cases.

Okay here's the deal: ShinyThings is about to take on a catalog of about 3 million items.

We're only putting the toys that bring us joy in our display cases of our Branded shop, boutique or gallery. 

You can exchange Glitter for all kinds of wonderful ShinyThings, event passes, superpowers & stuff.

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Bring Your Fans

3. Glitter for Content

Sell your stories, articles, poems, photos, music, videos.

3.5. Write product descriptions for your favorite ShinyThings Boutique Collections. 

4. Glitter for New Subscriptions

Send viewers straight to your profile, content and branded shop.

Get paid for signing new subscribers.

Get paid for signing new Vendors

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