the subspace social club of Detroit, Michigan


 the invitation only Sapio-Sexual Afro Futurist Mommy Porn community behind ShinyThings.

Look! All great sex can\'t always be from thosepeepholezovader group\'s point of view.

Way we see it, their are almost nine billion universes moving around on this planet.

This place of planned concrescence,  I hope to be just one of many mutual happy places in our intersecting realities.

And to some degree we admit that until this very moment,

while I am reading these words words aloud to the world,

there really was no physical difference between fuckin and makin\' love,

until we became aware of the idea that with two consensus agreements, a people could effect massive change.

  1. In the past I believe the difference between making love and fucking was they way the person(s) I am/was fucking /were/are fucking me, made/make me feel about MYDAMNEDSELF.
  2. In the NOW, I choose for the difference between making love and fucking, to be the cumulative intentional evidence and benefit of the exchange that/these fucks, inspire. 

Just so you know, I\'m one of those. \"Build me a Taj Mahal\" kinda guys.

So, If you\'re a sub and you sign up for this shit, there\'s a benefit. It\'s called ownership.

You don\'t have to be an owner to be a member, but Hey!



 is owned, collared & dominated by members of

the subspace social club of Detroit, Michigan

subspace, as dictated by IRS code 501(c)7, is a service oriented social club, designed, constructed, managed and dedicated to the practice, education, presentation and preservation of aesthetically pleasing, safe, sane, consensual and healthy erotic explorations inside of the Afro-futurist ethos and Sapio-Sexual doctrine.

subspace donates a portion of its surplus proceeds from our calendar of regular social events to local non-profit and charitable organizations that have received a public consensus (via mainstream social networks and rating sites) of effective and beneficial performance inside the scope of their organizational documents. Additionally, subspace provides (non-kink culture related) direct, in-kind services to individuals, families and neighborhoods inside of our hosting communities.  

Membership in subspace social club is established upon completing two simple tasks

  • your first act of submission posting your bdsm test score in the appropriate tab on your ShinyThings profile. visit bdsm test 
  • then completing the vendor's application process.  

Which includes: completing your profile pages, w-9 and associate appropriate gateways and currencies.


A \"natural high\"

that a submissive experiences during a scene or when being controlled.

The sub may feel disconnected from time, space, and/or their body, and may have limited ability to communicate.

It is critical that a Dom(me) take responsibility for the sub and be aware of their sub\'s well being when they are in subspace.

pain & suffering have values, & are not always punishment

This is a mommy porn no orders shall be fulfilled. Yet Dismiss