Tight laced Tuesday

Tightlaced Tuesday Afternoons

A special weekly gathering for ShinyThing writers and product reviewers to come by, talk & test drive the latest toys in the shop & get to know the subs & creative talents of subspace.


Very Limited Capacity

Snacks and soft drinks included.

Writers and Product Reviewers Wanted

Express your experience

Write or do video reviews of anything on

ShinyThings and Get Glitter 

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Low Frequency Oscillations (LFO) are magical 40-60 hertz bass notes found in electronic music & the world\'s most powerful pipe organs.

LFO are almost too low for human hearing, but you can surely feel them. LFO actually change air pressure like a hug or diving into a warm tropical ocean. 

coupled with sound activated vibrating massagers & some wonderful DJs,

ShinyThings partners with WooMedia to create unique sound environments

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Musically Induced Orgasm Therapy

ShinyThings partners with WooMedia to design & build unique sound environments &

Hip-N-Zen healing arts dojo, coupled with sound activated vibrating massagers like OhMi Bod\'s ClubVibes

to create a unique inside-out full body massage therapy.


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