Instar Imago

Good to be back. Monkish state: Instar Imago

Good to be back. Monkish state: Instar Imago

Journal Entry 

The scruff is back! Joygasmic!
I am no longer expected to appear as the well kept Dominant figure, explaining logic to MBAs and Functionaries (You know the people that actually do the shit their employer promised they'd handle themselves) While looking the part for the people that dragged "The Nerd" along. [This is a temporary state] sad face

To get here I had to spend a stupid amount of time breaking up with Umm. A Daughter of Valhalla. Yup! As it was the realization that in every era and in every culture has its own interpretation of Heaven. Often to the point of demanding it on others.
And for some, it is fight pit under a giant dome of the vanquished.
And they have this grand celebration that consist of:
Fighting >>Did some of that. Check
Fucking>>Did a lot of that. Anyway...Check
Feeding>>Always doin' that Yo!
Getting Fucked Up (Too much of that...Yeah)&

So! I excepted that I have to get several cacti for my sister Sun, to help her deal with her masochistic side.
See what had happened was...
...She took me to see a rehearsal of this guy doing something with the composition "Music for plants orsomethingorother, by this dude John Cage." It's this based on the I Ching. Well this guy with a microphone attached to this cactus invites Sun over and he does this improv. It was interesting.
Then after the show, he invites us to try.
Sun strokes and picks at the plant a beautiful soft ball of milky white fur on a background of Kelly green.
Plunk plunk "Ouch! TeeHee"
Plunk "Ouch! That hurts"
Plunking giggling and tears.
I've not seen her so genuinely happy. When in service of the community, when playing in her garden. When helping people learn about sex.

Anyway, I'm going to have pizza with Sun now.

The fantasy was greater than the reality.
And so this fantasy-cum-Palimpsest, chick named "Umm"

For pop culture reference, please see Eric B. & Rakim lyrics: "I wanna know what's on your mind"

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