Why a lot of things

ShinyThings is expressly for my "Pride of Sisters"

The magnificent circle of brilliant, loving, powerful, women of culture around me, I am building the foundation for the subspace social club of Detroit Michigan & creating ShinyThings, our shopping club.

Because, while there are no real differences in the physical acts of affection & erotic intimacy consenting adults enjoy and call "Making Love" or "Fuckin'", yet, there are massive differences in cultural meanings, purposes, perceptions & social constructs concerned with such activities.

Like my sisters, daughters, aunts & mamas, I am a practitioner of magic. We've all seen and read enough books and movies to understand that undisciplined magic is a very dangerous thing. Still worse, hidden, suppressed and untapped magic is volatile, unpredictable & a very miserable state of being. My pride is made of of magical beings, living in human form.

*So, it has become apparent that is necessary to design, construct & maintain a safe place & framework for patrons & guests of the practices, rituals and celebrations my sisters need to fully be themselves.  My joy in this process is derived from the study and documentation (science) of the facets of each individual's needs & seeking to accommodate their pleasures. My pleasure comes from manifesting the safe, functional & conducive aesthetics of the environs occupied by members of subspace. Especially the ones that seek the darkness at edges of oblivion that only come with pain.

*disclaimer: Sisters, Daughters, Aunts & Mamas are naturally born women (meaning they are genetically capable of giving birth & therefore have the right & to some degree, responsibility to dictate what a woman [or any title they agree to] is &/or ain't!). But of greater import, I ain't fuckin' any of them. 

While many defining terms for the pathways to full, spiritual health & joyful enlightened pleasure can be found in the genres of bdsm & kink culture, religion & even role playing games, making the activities fit these intersecting circles of friends & intimates is simple. Generating a language primer, lexicon and social construct that is uniquely our own, for those of us who choose, everyday, to serve out love, this precious global community of women who live to serve out of love & every now & then have some need to be treated in a special manner.

This is a mommy porn no orders shall be fulfilled. Yet Dismiss