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Applied Artist's In Residence House: 920 E. Euclid. Party for a Great Cause

\"\"As you should know, the house at the American Riad 920 E. Euclid is being rehabbed to accommodate visiting women artisan from around the Earth.


We need to raise some money,

so that we can make the space truly special and express ourselves without compromise. 


The reality is the present condition is unacceptable. I need your help making the space suitable for the sisters that will be inhabiting the space, teaching and creating elements for the Riad project.

Over the past few years I\'ve helped our community arts organization win grant money and acquire real estate properties.

And as typical and to be expected of politically motivated organizations, especially with men directing the process and seeking to be informed by \"others\", I have been repeatedly thrown under the bus and as a result. The end results and the benefit of these projects have been compromised.

Here\'s the deal: I have latitude to do what the fuck I want, but I have no internal financial support. 

Here\'s the truth: I would much rather submit to the will of my sisters who attend to the needs of the whole, than deal with these swinging dicks one more day. 

Yeah! I was born with a dick, it works... Wanna use it?

Anyway. Party time.

Pick the music, pick the theme.

I would like it to be a whole weekend event.

Something for the Seniors

Something for the Children

Something for our foreign guests and dignitaries

Something for us.


I spent the winter living there with Milieu and his bitch Siren. Space heaters and no running water.

Trust me, there were several high prices to pay. We will tend to them all.

Trust me, I would not want a woman I love to suffer this. (If she wants to, that\'s different)

Now, my Afrotopian future doesn\'t exactly look like the days before Akin took the rest of humanity to Mars.

And it for sure does not look like a remix of the twentieth century.

In my near future, there\'s some dopeness my friends are presently calling, \"Some Wakanda Shit!\"


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