My Critique thus far

It ain’t Shuri’s lab!

My Shuri. Is real. Check her out! Mae is the real deal.


Plain and simple!

My Afrotopian Future has never been Neo-Primitive.

Let’s not get into that argument. Okay. Most of us have seen the movie now.

Let’s just say, my imagined nation has always been elevated, mystic, spiritually informed and technologically advanced, without separation.

But on the forreal, I really identify with those Mountain Gorilla brothers. It’s so cold in the D. Jessayin’

What we have in our Creative Villages is not an expression of your desired state, with out compromise.

Wait! Maybe it is and I’m an extraterrestrial alien sent to figure out why ya’ll still so primitive.

Everything we have collectively recognized as representative of us as a culture in the last three generation has been, temporary artistic expressions, built on damaged foundations.

We lost our sense of scale and in turn allowed people with destruction in their genetic make up take control of the intellectual capital and the high level practical creative thinkers.

We have moved through the world as Hermit Crabs adapting to our new containers, for some of us it is a Hallmark.

Those that do not manipulate matter to manifest products because it’s fun, often argue that it is best to “leave it alone. Let it go!” I argue: I ain’t try to stop you from dancing and dribblin’. Why you steppin’ on my happy feet?

Why is it so desirable to demand that others join you in skipping as directly as possible from the mundane plain to the ethereal?

Each Chakra plain has its own Heaven.

Why are there no edifices of scale, celebrating our collective knowledge? The kinds of places that communities are constructed around?

It is not a matter of survival

Nor individual vanity or neo-existentialism

We are not the bratty teen-aged daughters of the people we keep yelling at about the shit they need to do.

The concept of Home is evolving from a tangible construct to a metaphor.

The old stuff has value, but it is not of us.




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