That shit’s so hot!

I ain't even gonna bother

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I dream of life with an alpha sub.

A Woman that will anticipate and be eager to cut loose, beat and and peg some white boy,

until he sings old gospel songs while cooking and cleaning her house in his sports team fanboy underwear.


Because, the idea of snappin\' off frames and quizzing him while I\'m hyped up by the site of her drooling and sweating and rude and all in his face.

Her thick round happy hips bangin\' against his tight pale ass, while the glow in the dark clone of my dick is packin\' his ass hits bottom to make his eyes bulge and him to choke on his gag trying to yell.

The idea makes me happy.


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Subs on the Wild

You will watch what my sister do to your man &

You will enjoy it almost as much as he will

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