Sapio-Sexuals are real

No Bitch! Imma Unicorn!

Is that alright?

While, I think that it's cute

That there's a hip little nerdy trend circling around what we socially awkward people who

Don't give a fuck about fashion, who

Don't give a fuck about sports, who

Don't give a fuck about who's fuckin' who in the rumor mill, who

Don't give a fuck about politics or the latest house pet of the made for ADD broadcast reality

Don't give a fuck about the newest yoga trend except white girls with Black ass look great in

yoga pants, who.

Don't give a fuck about a whole lotta shit.


are attracted to "So, Is that really Little Birds in French. For Real forreal? Hi I'm fuckin' Awestruck. You're the sexiest Muthafuckah I've seen since walking out of my lab. Please forgive me. I...

I just don't see ____ reading literature much these days..."

Yeah! Damn! What the fuck is wrong with wanting to engage in discussions leading up to what some of us call might intimate congress with another fucking human being.

As opposed to know how the developing relationship with, "Nice shoes!", says, Sum Dum Guy to Umm, who says in return, "Thank You",  is going to end, even before one of you is introduced to...


...WhaChu Do?"

I'm a Nefelibata.


You ever fuck in your FMP?

It's a binary response.

 But sapiosexuality neither describes the gender(s) to which you are attracted to nor does it form the basis of any meaningful community—unless you count a Facebook group that posts lots of grammar memes.

Instead, “sapiosexual” seems to circulate primarily as a layer of pretension on top of a more traditional sexual identity. It’s a sexual orientation for people who think that they’re too smart to have a sexual orientation.


in her fairly bigoted article, "Pretentious Is Not A Sexual Orientation"


It ain't.

Not even close.

There is no comment bar on the article and I understand why.

The poor child is just inviting a bunch of brilliant people to verbally abuse her with words she may need to look up.

Especially in defense of those not so bright people that are attracted to our kind and never had a word to express who the are and what their kink is.


See, while Big Dumb Jock and He Makes Me Laugh have been popular FOREVER

I ain't neva heard a bitch say, "Oh Shit! That Neil Degrasse Tyson can get it! I just wanna crawl all up in between his ears and fuck the shit outta his cosmos."

I have heard a women express a lustful attraction to Albert Einstein after reading one of his papers.

I believe it was something he learned while teaching in a mostly Black elementary school.


No! You don't even have to be hetero to be sapio

You can be as gay as a bonnet in an Easter parade and still get all hot and bothered when somebody starts spitting line and verse about wave form generators, or all manner of dope shit.

Andre said it best, "Play with your own squishy..."

We're real dammit and so are the people that want to pick our brains and then fuck us as stupid as the rest of the world thinks we are.


And while ass watching is my favorite spectator sport

You\'ll have to forgive me to having that damned penis and that holdover active biological imperative to at least objectify.

Being heterosexual and for the most part square on all six sides.

I am still seeking an appropriately limber, disciplined and naturally submissive Rope Bunny.

I\'m not apt to turn down an opportunity to walk Sistah Big Bones home from campus with some Udon noodles, green tea ice cream, talkin\' \'bout, \" I need a free hand mammogram
I got weed, drink, and a Handicam
All of which is legal in Amsterdam\" or

hate fuck the dog shit out of little Miss wealthy, spoiled, slumming, entitled, brand name, high, lost, horny, burnin\' Daddy\'s Centurion Card, and...

...yelling at me.


\"Is your lipstick on my fly? Is it?

No! I don\'t believe it is.

Don\'t be mad.

Yet and still,

5 will get you 10 that chances are I do not want to wake up with them by the time I\'m ready to go back to work.

I\'m going to be well into my elder years with with my head in the lap of someone that enjoys reading and discussing the Bene Gesserit, Asimov, Where the Wild Things, Fox in Sox, the Louis Gossett Jr. article in Player or the latest hand written letter from a friend in Indonesia about the Kopi Luwak.

And you will still be trying to make us into Smurfs.




That shit’s so hot!

I ain't even gonna bother

Finish writing this post


I dream of life with an alpha sub.

A Woman that will anticipate and be eager to cut loose, beat and and peg some white boy,

until he sings old gospel songs while cooking and cleaning her house in his sports team fanboy underwear.


Because, the idea of snappin\' off frames and quizzing him while I\'m hyped up by the site of her drooling and sweating and rude and all in his face.

Her thick round happy hips bangin\' against his tight pale ass, while the glow in the dark clone of my dick is packin\' his ass hits bottom to make his eyes bulge and him to choke on his gag trying to yell.

The idea makes me happy.


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Subs on the Wild

You will watch what my sister do to your man &

You will enjoy it almost as much as he will

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My Critique thus far

It ain’t Shuri’s lab!

My Shuri. Is real. Check her out! Mae is the real deal.


Plain and simple!

My Afrotopian Future has never been Neo-Primitive.

Let’s not get into that argument. Okay. Most of us have seen the movie now.

Let’s just say, my imagined nation has always been elevated, mystic, spiritually informed and technologically advanced, without separation.

But on the forreal, I really identify with those Mountain Gorilla brothers. It’s so cold in the D. Jessayin’

What we have in our Creative Villages is not an expression of your desired state, with out compromise.

Wait! Maybe it is and I’m an extraterrestrial alien sent to figure out why ya’ll still so primitive.

Everything we have collectively recognized as representative of us as a culture in the last three generation has been, temporary artistic expressions, built on damaged foundations.

We lost our sense of scale and in turn allowed people with destruction in their genetic make up take control of the intellectual capital and the high level practical creative thinkers.

We have moved through the world as Hermit Crabs adapting to our new containers, for some of us it is a Hallmark.

Those that do not manipulate matter to manifest products because it’s fun, often argue that it is best to “leave it alone. Let it go!” I argue: I ain’t try to stop you from dancing and dribblin’. Why you steppin’ on my happy feet?

Why is it so desirable to demand that others join you in skipping as directly as possible from the mundane plain to the ethereal?

Each Chakra plain has its own Heaven.

Why are there no edifices of scale, celebrating our collective knowledge? The kinds of places that communities are constructed around?

It is not a matter of survival

Nor individual vanity or neo-existentialism

We are not the bratty teen-aged daughters of the people we keep yelling at about the shit they need to do.

The concept of Home is evolving from a tangible construct to a metaphor.

The old stuff has value, but it is not of us.




Ask me questions. Please!

Applied Artist's In Residence House: 920 E. Euclid. Party for a Great Cause

\"\"As you should know, the house at the American Riad 920 E. Euclid is being rehabbed to accommodate visiting women artisan from around the Earth.


We need to raise some money,

so that we can make the space truly special and express ourselves without compromise. 


The reality is the present condition is unacceptable. I need your help making the space suitable for the sisters that will be inhabiting the space, teaching and creating elements for the Riad project.

Over the past few years I\'ve helped our community arts organization win grant money and acquire real estate properties.

And as typical and to be expected of politically motivated organizations, especially with men directing the process and seeking to be informed by \"others\", I have been repeatedly thrown under the bus and as a result. The end results and the benefit of these projects have been compromised.

Here\'s the deal: I have latitude to do what the fuck I want, but I have no internal financial support. 

Here\'s the truth: I would much rather submit to the will of my sisters who attend to the needs of the whole, than deal with these swinging dicks one more day. 

Yeah! I was born with a dick, it works... Wanna use it?

Anyway. Party time.

Pick the music, pick the theme.

I would like it to be a whole weekend event.

Something for the Seniors

Something for the Children

Something for our foreign guests and dignitaries

Something for us.


I spent the winter living there with Milieu and his bitch Siren. Space heaters and no running water.

Trust me, there were several high prices to pay. We will tend to them all.

Trust me, I would not want a woman I love to suffer this. (If she wants to, that\'s different)

Now, my Afrotopian future doesn\'t exactly look like the days before Akin took the rest of humanity to Mars.

And it for sure does not look like a remix of the twentieth century.

In my near future, there\'s some dopeness my friends are presently calling, \"Some Wakanda Shit!\"


This is a mommy porn no orders shall be fulfilled. Yet Dismiss