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Sapio-Sexuals are real

No Bitch! Imma Unicorn!Is that alright?While, I think that it's cute That there’s a hip little nerdy trend circling around what we socially awkward people who Don’t give a fuck about fashion, who Don’t give a fuck about sports, who Don’t give a fuck about who’s fuckin’ who in the rumor mill, who Don’t give a fuck about politics or… Read more →

That shit’s so hot!

I ain’t even gonna botherFinish writing this post CHEK OUT OUR MEMBERSHIP Cras ac nibh tellus. Nam sed efficitur elit. Sed lobortis dui sed odio scelerisque luctus vel et ipsum. Suspendisse imperdiet, odio vel aliquam suscipit, tortor eros placerat est, vel semper orci felis quis nisl. Donec volutpat consectetur molestie. $155 / month 1 Mister Bubbles Favorites on Pornhub visit… Read more →

My Critique thus far

It ain’t Shuri’s lab! My Shuri. Is real. Check her out! Mae is the real deal.   Plain and simple! My Afrotopian Future has never been Neo-Primitive. Let’s not get into that argument. Okay. Most of us have seen the movie now. Let’s just say, my imagined nation has always been elevated, mystic, spiritually informed and technologically advanced, without… Read more →

Ask me questions. Please!

Applied Artist's In Residence House: 920 E. Euclid. Party for a Great Cause As you should know, the house at the American Riad 920 E. Euclid is being rehabbed to accommodate visiting women artisan from around the Earth.   We need to raise some money, so that we can make the space truly special and express ourselves without compromise.   … Read more →

Instar Imago

Sun strokes and picks at the plant a beautiful soft ball of milky white fur on a background of Kelly green.
Plunk plunk “Ouch! TeeHee”
Plunk “Ouch! That hurts”
Plunking giggling and tears.
I’ve not often seen her so genuinely happy. Read more →

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