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the subspace social club of Detroit, Michigan

Subs'space:  the invitation only Sapio-Sexual Afro Futurist Mommy Porn community behind ShinyThings. Look! All great sex can\’t always be from thosepeepholezovader group\’s point of view. Way we see it, their are almost nine billion universes moving around on this planet. This place of planned concrescence,  I hope to be just one of many mutual happy places in our intersecting realities. And to some… Read more →


Experience  subspace 120 Times / year – $120 / year Go Deep   1 Musically Induced Orgasm Therapy ShinyThings partners with WooMedia to design & build unique sound environments & Hip-N-Zen healing arts dojo, coupled with sound activated vibrating massagers like OhMi Bod\’s ClubVibes to create a unique inside-out full body massage therapy. Read More 1 2 Product Reviewers Wanted Express your experience… Read more →

Writers & Product Reviewers Wanted

4 Ways to Get Paid 1. Get Glitter for Reviews. ShinyThings has a User Submitted Blog just for your product and event reviews. Help us build the community you want to spend your time and energy in. Share your thoughts. Readers that like your content will reward you with Glitter. Editors that read and like your reviews can promote your… Read more →

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