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Sapio-Sexuals are real

No Bitch! Imma Unicorn!Is that alright?While, I think that it's cute That there’s a hip little nerdy trend circling around what we socially awkward people who Don’t give a fuck about fashion, who Don’t give a fuck about sports, who Don’t give a fuck about who’s fuckin’ who in the rumor mill, who Don’t give a fuck about politics or… Read more →

Writers & Product Reviewers Wanted

4 Ways to Get Paid 1. Get Glitter for Reviews. ShinyThings has a User Submitted Blog just for your product and event reviews. Help us build the community you want to spend your time and energy in. Share your thoughts. Readers that like your content will reward you with Glitter. Editors that read and like your reviews can promote your… Read more →

Get Glitter

Writers, Researchers and Reviewers WANTED Find Out More About Us Get paid to help us build the new ShinyThings  Read More Glitter: Turning compliments in to coin A wise woman said,  \”If you\’ve ever jacked off… …to pictures of me on the web… …You Owe Me a Gift!\” Now, someone needs to find out who that woman is. And then set… Read more →

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